Bittersweet Floral Glass Vase shows an image of two vases together.  Each vase has tricolored earth tone rocks and tan moss with orange bittersweet artificial floral decor. Each sold separately.
This image shows the artificial bittersweet floral glass vase with our wood pumpkins and cloth pumpkins and a small hand painted sign.  Each item sold separately.

Bittersweet Floral Glass Vase

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This artificial floral design is a simple and darling addition for any of your home decor products. Custom made and designed exclusively by Root 937, these have earth tone rocks and tan moss added.  The bittersweet artificial floral arrangements adds just the right amount of color pop to wow any room.   Each measures about 9" tall.  Height difference can vary due to each design being custom made.  

    • Artificial floral arrangement
    • Tan moss 
    • Tricolored earth tone rocks 
    • Glass Vase 
    • Dimensions: 9" tall  
    • Weight: 1 lb


Item typically ships in 3-5 business days.