Valentine Day Gnomes are paired with a boy and girl shown.  They are wrapped with the love heart tiered tray garland sitting on top of a tiered tray.  Each gnome is sold separately unless bought together as a pair.
This image shows the girl and boy gnome side by side.
This image shows the back side of the gnomes.
This image show the girl gnome with her tutu.  The tutu is removable.
This image shows the height of the girl gnome standing next to our tiered tray ladder.  Each item sold separately.
This image shows the boy gnome standing next to the tiered tray ladder to give a visual image of the height.  Each item sold separately.

Valentine Day Gnomes

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These darling mini gnomes are simply adorable.  They are the perfect addition to your home decor products, tiered trays or vignettes.  Add them to any of your decor as a space filler or extra embellishment.  Choose from our boy or girl gnome.  No two gnomes will be exactly alike as they are custom handmade.  Our boy gnome has a soft plush body with a heart pattern of pink and white tones.  His hat is a pink cotton design with a satin light pink ribbon around the brim.  He has a blush pink pom pom on the tip of his hat, and two tones of glitter pink hearts. 

Our girl gnome has a bright pink and white stripe cotton body with a matching hat.  She has a white pom pom on her hat with two tone pink hearts.  She is wearing a purple tulle tutu that fully wraps around her body, and can be fully removed if you choose.  She has wavy white braids with satin ribbon tying both ends.  

These gnomes are for decorative purposes only.  Not to be used as a toy.

    • Poly fill beads
    • Polyester fiber fill
    • Cotton, Polyester and Spandex material
    • Natural wood beads / clay
    • Twine rope and yarn
    • Satin Ribbons (will vary depending on demand)
    • Charms, wood hearts, stickers, buttons and other embellishments
    • Tulle (Girl Gnomes)
    • Faux Fur (Boy Gnomes)
    • 8-9" tall (height can vary for each gnome)
    • Average Weight: 9 oz 

NOTE:  These gnomes do not have feet, but will sit unassisted due to the beaded filling at the base.  Embellishments will vary for each gnome to give individual characteristics.  Gnomes are made to order!  


Item typically ships in 1-3 weeks.