As For Me And My House We Say (August Sign of the Month)
As For Me And My House We Say (August Sign of the Month)

As For Me And My House We Say (August Sign of the Month)


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As For Me And My House We Say... is a hand painted farmhouse wood sign.  This sign can be completely customized to say "GO (your team name)".  You can customize the bottom of the sign to read the school name, or a team name, or slogan. Custom your colors to the team you select.  Each sign will be completely customized and no two signs will be exactly the same. We use premium pine wood for all our frames, so there can be some wood knots that are not considered to be a defect in the wood.  These knots help make each sign more rustic. This is the perfect sign for anyone who loves the game of football!

    • Premium pine wood frame
    • Hand painted 
    • Customized sign
    • Sawtooth hanger
    • Average Dimensions: 11" L  X  22" W (Dimensions can slightly vary)
    • Average Weight: 3.5 lb (Includes packaging materials)


When ordering, after selecting add to cart, please be specific in the NOTE SECTION on the color you want "GO (TEAM NAME)", and the team name or slogan you want added to the bottom.  BE SPECIFIC AND TYPE THE BOTTOM EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT IT TO READ!!  You do not have to add a team name or slogan, that is optional.  If you want the frame to be a certain color, please specify, otherwise it will be a Jacobean (Dark Walnut) color.  If you order this sign "Go Buckeyes" and no note is added, you will receive the sign exactly as shown in the picture, unless you make a note to change any options.

Item typically ships in 1-3 weeks.