This image shows the gray trio set.  Each tree has a different textured yarn wrapped around the cone.  Sold as a set of 3 in 18", 15" and 12" sizes.
This is an alternate image of the gray set with glass candle vases.
This image is the natural/tan tree with 2 glitter wire small 10.5" trees.  This set is sold with all three trees.
This image shows the close up of the gray yarn trees.
THis image shows the glitter trees.  This set has gold, rose gold, silver, and textured glitter to give an added wow factor.  This set is sold in 18", 15" and 12".
This is an alternate image of the glitter set with the silver glass mirror candle vases.  Vases not sold with the trio tree set.
This image shows the tan trees with a gold glass candle vase.  Candle vase not sold with tree set.

Christmas Tree Trio Set

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These new custom hand made trees exclusively from Root 937, are a simple way to add some chic farmhouse decor to your home.  Three multi height trees, each with an original design have been hand crafted and thoughtfully made with love.    Choose from gray hues, natural earth tones, or a glitter combo for those who need a bit more sparkle and shine!  

    • Hand painted  
    • Yarn, weighted and textured glitter, wire 
    • Sits on a shelf, mantle, or vignette 
    • Dimensions: 18" , 15", 12" and 10.5"
    • Weight: 1 lb (includes packaging materials)
    • Sold as pairs


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